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Mist hangs low over the murky water. Your boat slips out over the waves, the shore receding behind you. Eventually you stop--here is as good a place as any. Quietly, you raise your fishing rod and prepare to cast off. Your tools lay nearby, ready for anything, or so you hope. You are never sure what you will catch out here.

Fish'tahgn is a lovecraftian fishing game about unknown horrors, teeth in the darkness, and risking it all for the biggest and strangest catch anyone has ever seen.

Made in 48 hours for OrcaJam 2016 and Fishing Jam 2.

Programming - D. Max Loy
Art - William Workman
Sound - Jordan Ivey
Music - Brian Gair


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fishtahgn0.03-win.zip 37 MB
fishtahgn0.03-linux.zip 53 MB
fishtahgn0.03-mac.zip 39 MB


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Hey Max!! It's the girl from the grocery store :)

Been playing the game today. Very addicting. Trying to see if I can go farther than 70 metres... wanna see if there's anything creepy at the bottom. It's driving me nuts haha.

Awesome! Glad you're enjoying it!

I load up the game, it shows the Fancy Skeletons logo, and then it's just a black screen with the exception of the fish in the top-right. I can tell that the game works, but I can't see it. Any thoughts?

Could you tell me a bit more about your setup? I just verified that it works on Windows, but my ability to support a 2 year old jam game on multiple platforms is a bit limited.